texts from Dragon Age characters (includes Awakening and Dragon Age II)
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Just a bit of housekeeping: Please send requests/questions/comments via message instead of fanmail or submissions. Submissions are open for people who would like to submit texts they’ve made themselves

I’m much more likely to respond to requests sent via message

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Thanks for the Sigrun love! Suggestions: Isabela trying to seduce Bianca (or Bianca texting with Sebastian’s bow/Nathaniel’s bow/Vera/some other weapon), Athenril, Zevran, Justice (maybe during Awakening, or Hawke who is dating Anders having a really awkward conversation with Justice), Jethann. Do you do anything from Asunder? I’m picturing Cole texting various people and getting a lot of “Who is this?!” replies. More Anders is always welcome. Anything, really.

I’m currently reading Asunder (incredibly slowly at that) but I would be open to doing some texts with Asunder characters after I’m finished with it

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Wow what a beautiful morning, looks like a great day to send in some requests (hint)

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too little too late. -admin m

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Lots of requests for Sigrun, so here’s some Sigrun taking none of Oghren’s shit

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I should probably find an ios 7 generator or w/e but that seems like a lot of work

-xoxo admin n is lazy and a sloppy blogger woop

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Request for more Anders

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